Ten Tips To Get A Great Best Man Speech

Ten Tips To Get A Great Best Man Speech

Being picked as a best man is a privilege as well as an honor. Whether it is your closest friend your brother, or someone you've got known your whole life, proper focus must be given to preparing your address.

free funny best man speechesEverything in regards to a wedding is delightful and memorable. For many men, problem comes in when it comes time for them to make the all best man speech that is important. Whether you are prepared or not, getting up before a roomful of people can be very intimidating.

1. Issues that are duration

The longer your speech, the much more likely you are to say something you will repent, and the better opportunity to make blunders. Avoid beating around the bush and compose a brief and well thought out speech focusing on the points that are significant. Everywhere between 3 and5 minutes or 700 1000 words will likely be plenty. In addition it's significant to keep in mind that when the speech is not too long individuals will likely be left wondering how well you know the couple.

2. Be amusing, but not too funny

Jokes are good as they break the ice and will make your speech friendly, but if you overdo them your address may not be taken intently, or worse still, you upstage the groom and bride. You must also make the jokes relevant to the subject of the day this is the bridegroom and bride.

3. Present yourself

Your address should be started by you by presenting yourself. It will not mean that most of the folks automatically understand you simply because you know a few folks at the wedding. By introducing yourself, trust is created.

4. Make your speech clear

Similar to any other speech that is formal your speech must have sequence. This must be followed by your other experiences over the years. In short you should make your address as easy to follow as possible.


Cursing is a big no no when it involves wedding speeches. You should have in mind you will be addressing individuals of different ages and that means you must avoid swearing, when writing you speech. Keep the language decent and straightforward.

6. Keep the anecdotes to some minimum

Reflecting on a few of the grooms escapades will be nice to create the speech energetic but do not overdo it. Focus on important matters like relationship or his career.

7. Search for inspiration

There is absolutely no shame if you're finding it almost impossible to compose anything. Rather than stressing that you have nothing to say on your best friend's wedding and sitting around you look for content and ought to head out. There are numerous best man addresses online to inspire you.

8. Practice, practice, PRACTICE!

You don't have to complete the entire address to read it. After a few paragraphs, you need to read the speech aloud just to have a feel of how it sounds. Reading aloud will assist you to uncover some mistakes.

9. Be yourself

The speech should come from you, and that means you must not attempt to copy voice or someone else's style when writing the address. You must write the way you would say it, even if you're borrowing content. Do not forget the bridegroom is someone close, therefore the speech must be very personalized.

10. Solid Conclusion

You have to get it done in a serious tone, when concluding your speech. All in all try to appreciate some time you have spent with all the bridegroom when you are making your closing comments.

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